You need to rent cars in District 2?

You are in need of car rental in District 2

EUROPEAN COMPANY is trimmer specialized travel car rental from cheap to luxury. We operate trog rental sector for over 10 years and is considered the company offers car rental travel top quality reputation in the City. EUROPEAN provides car rental services as senior 4 seats mercedes S500, e200, e200, e250 … 7 seats as inova, senior sienna, as Limousine Dcar 16 seats or 2016. If you wish Fortransit car rental needs more space for group travel, you can rent all kinds of life Samco latest in 2016.


Services in tourist car rental in District 2 tphcm.

Like other counties we provide tourist rentals in District 2 District 2 because Dag on developing fast, a lot of people focus on jute, not only that the company opened an office here as well and more. Therefore, the demand for car rental in District 2, or rental car shuttle boss month more and more travel.

Foreseeing the trend we offer car rental services of tourism in District 2 to provide customers with car rental needs a best service.


District 2 car rental cheap


LTD-SERVICE EUROPE is one unit luxury rental in the City with top vip cars such as Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, Limousine …. With long experience has conducted events like: Nick Vujicic to Vietnam, to Vietnam Demi Lovato, welcomed Miss Universe Australia 2015: monika Radulovic, Minister of Trade of Thailand visited suvit maesincee in Vietnam … and many other events were we met.
Luxury car rental service our global 5-star - on each car is always full of the following criteria:
1. Drivers english well, serving hotels
2. Free Wifi
3. Equipped with advanced Ipad
4. Wet Towels
5. Mineral water
6. Music on demand
7. Multifunction Charge
8. Magazine
9. Insurance tall passengers.


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The car rental service at EUROPEAN COMPANY

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Customers wishing to rent cars in District 2

Address: 22d3, Dinh Bo Linh Street, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, HCM
Tel: -
Hotline: 0918.176.999
Fax: 08.3899.5249


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